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Illustration: Ayala Tal

Shulamit Aloni was a symbol of a resolute and impartial struggle for human rights, social justice and coexistence, as well as for the separation of religion and state, women's rights, LGBTQA rights, and the rights of all minorities. As a leader of the opposition as well as in her roles of Minister of Education and Culture and Minister of Science and the Arts, she worked to realize the values she advocated by trailblazing new paths for dialogue and new standards of behavior, and by becoming a source of inspiration to many.

The Shulamit Aloni Prize is designed to nurture artists in a variety of creative genres, whose work makes a significant contribution to the consolidation of Shulamit Aloni's legacy, and to positioning it as a value-based foundation for a humane, reformed and peace-loving Israeli society.


Each year, the prize will be awarded to the creator or creators of a work in the Hebrew culture and in the Arab culture, which promotes human rights, social justice and co-existence in two areas of creativity - one prose and poetry; and the other cinema, audiovisual works and theater.

Two NIS 30K prizes will be awarded annually in one of the two fields, to the creators of works that were published, staged or screened in the two years preceding the date of the awarding of the prize, one in the Arab culture and the other in the field of Hebrew culture. In the case of a mixed work, Arabic and Hebrew, the prize board will determine which cultural field to associate it with.

Lifetime Achievement awards will be awarded annually to people of both the Jewish and Arab communities in Israel who through their art or cultural activities promote human rights, social justice, equality and co-existence. This award is not a monetary award.

The prize board is chaired by Prof. Gabriela Shalev.

The award ceremony will take place every year at the Jaffa Theater on December 10, International Human Rights Day, or close to it.

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