Shulamit Aloni Prize 2021


Shulamit Aloni Prize 2019

צילום: רדאי רובינשטיין


Shulamit Aloni Prize 2018


Creative Works in the Arabic Culture

"In Her Footsteps"

Rana Abu Fraiha


Creative Works in the Hebrew Culture

"The Hearing"

Renana Raz


Special Mention

"Only by raising your hand"

Efrat Steinlauf


Life Time Achievement

Suhail Radwan

Life Time Achievement

Sami Michael

Judges comments

Prize for Creative Works in the Arabic Culture: Rana Abu Fraiha

In this poetic film, Rana Abu Fraiha uncovers the complexity of the life of a daughter of a Muslim mother and a Bedouin father residing in a Jewish town, while gently touching upon her personal, feminine and national identity.

Prize for Creative Works in the Hebrew Culture: Renana Raz

Creatively utilizing minimal resources, Renana Raz presents the transcript of the hearing held for the teacher Adam Verte, while leading the audience skillfully to an understanding of the deep processes endangering freedom of expression and democracy in Israel.

Special Mention: Efrat Steinlauf

A modest work of art, that is an original attempt to bring the audience into a classroom and to allow them to experience first-hand the experience of high school students in Israel.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Sami Michael

For literary works and public and civil activism, in which he stood eloquent, determined and constantly acting for piece and co-existence, for social justice, for equal rights and for individual liberties.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Suhil Radwan

For years-long activity as the founder, conductor and director of the Nazareth Arabic Music Orchestra. For his work in instilling the the culture of Arab and Oriental art music and its preservation, and for his contribution in bringing the musical achievements of Arab and Jewish creators in Israel and abroad to the center stage.


Photography: David Kaplan